With contracts awarded to it as a qualified HUBZone SBC as set forth in 13 C. F.R. 126. 700 and/or the nonmanufacturer rule as set forth in 13 C. F.R. 126. 601 e. this application. All the statements and information provided in the applicant s online application this form and any attachments are true accurate and complete. If assistance was obtained in completing this form and the supporting documentation I have personally reviewed the information and it is true and accurate. I understand...
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Mariana: This is Mariana Pardo from the HUBZone program. Today is Part 1 of two webinars thatwe're conducting. The second one would be on December 17th and deals more with the contractingpart of it. Without further to do, let's look at whatwe are going to be talking about today. We're going to be discussing and understanding alittle bit better the HUBZone areas, the criteria for designation of these areas. We are alsogoing to learn how to use the maps to locate difficult addresses. We are also going tocover the HUBZone program requirements. Most importantly, the best practices not only forobtaining the certification but also for maintaining it. We are going to dedicate some time atthe end for questions and answers. The HUBZone program is an acronym. It standsfor Historically Underutilized Business Zone. These areas are typically areas of low medianhousehold income. The program is designed to help economically distressed areas. We'veanalyzed these economically distressed areas. The importance of understanding the intentof the program is because it helps the firms to understand the purpose of the regulationsand understanding the regulations helps the firm maintain eligibility.At any given time, there are about 5,000 small businesses certified as HUBZone firms. Thereason why this is important is because obviously receiving the HUBZone certification significantlydecreases the pool of competition. We see, if I have a firm that I have been successfulin obtaining contracts through the Federal government, obtaining this certification isgoing to lessen that pool of competition and place me in a better competitive advantage.Now, maintaining this particular certification demands a lot of management, and that's whywe're doing today. We're going to understanding a little bit deeper so that you can managethe certification. This certification does not expire. A company can maintain certificationas long as they meet all the requirements. The companies do undergo a three-year recertification,but so long as they maintain the criteria, the program will keep them in a certifiedconcerns. The purpose of the program is to provide avehicle for federal contracting. As I mentioned, the firms that obtained these certificationsare able to bid on contracts that are set aside for HUBZone-certified firms. The purposeof the program was to increase and it's still to increase the employment opportunities ofindividuals that are residing in HUBZones, to stimulate capital investment in areas thatare economically distressed, and to empower the communities through economic leveraging.The importance to know this is, for example, when we're talking about later on you'regoing to see the definition of the principal office. When we defined the principal office,we define it as a location where the greatest number of the employees work from. Obviously,this excludes those firms that are working in the areas of...